URODA | 8-9 October 2016

Dear Sirs/Madams!

We are delighted to invite you to the 19th edition of URODA: Cosmetics and Hairdressing Fair, organised in Gdańsk on 8-9 October 2016. We are pleased to inform you that the last year’s edition of the URODA Fair was a success!
Over 270 businesses and brands took part in the fair, and there were over 6,500 visitors.
We observed a considerable increase in the number of exhibitors and attendees, which we take pride in, and which suggests a further development of our event.

This is demonstrated by an already high number of applications and bookings for the upcoming edition.
It is worthwhile then to participate and present one’s offer at the 19th edition of the URODA Fair, which boasts an ever-increasing popularity with the cosmetic and hairdressing industry.

The Fair is primarily targeted at the industry, but it is well attended by individual clients who are interested in novelties on the market.
A genuine advantage of the show is also its very rich programme: 12 international contests and championships, which ensures high attendance. The event is organised in two exhibition halls (4,000m2 each), divided into a cosmetic industry hall and a hairdressing hall.

URODA means:
the biggest cosmetics and hairdressing fair in Northern Poland; the opportunity to reach over 6,500 attendees from Tri-City, Pomerania and all Poland the Fair attended by a large group of industry representatives from Kaliningrad Oblast; in 2015, there were several coachloads of visitors; this year, we are planning to organise more groups. excellent exhibition conditions: fair in the state-of-the-art AMBEREXPO Exhibition and Convention Centre, situated in the vicinity of the Energa Gdańsk Stadium (12,000 m2 exhibition surface, 1,130 seats in the conference centre; over 2,000 parking spaces in total).

EVENTS, including:


  • The 19th NAIL ART POLAND International Nail Art Championship 2015 – SCIENCE FICTION MOVIES, organised by Euro Fashion, Akademia Paznokcia
  • The 17th Mature Woman Makeup Championship: Lady at a Carnival, patronage by the Jolanta Wagner European Academy of Artistic Aesthetics in Warsaw
  • The 13th Open International PINK & WHITE Championship, organised by Euro Fashion, Akademia Paznokcia
  • The 5th Open Make-up and Style Championship: PASTEL DREAM, organised by Beata Małachowska Makeup Artistry and Style School
  • The 5th Nationwide Championship in Permanent Makeup, organised by BB Północ
  • The 5th Nationwide Makeup Artist Congress and Makeup Workshop, patronage by Jolanta Wagner European Academy of Artistic Aesthetics
  • The 2nd Podology Congress


  • The 52nd Stefan Zdrojewski Regional Hairstyling Student Competition, organised by the Pomeranian Chamber of Handicrafts For Small and Medium Enterprises
  • The 10th Hairdressing Contest HAIR DESIGN, organised by MTG SA
  • The 3rd Gdańsk HAIR CUP 2015: Open Inter-School Contest, BURLESKA, organised by the Pomeranian Chamber of Handicrafts For Small and Medium Enterprises
  • 2016 Trends: instructor and hair stylist shows